Wednesday 16 February 2022

eQSL Radio Caroline – 648 kHz


Radio Caroline has confirmed by reception report in 20 days. Sent to patedison\at\, reply from rcsg\at\

Monday 31 January 2022

eQSL De Blauwe Koe


Radio De Blauwe Koe was heard recently on MW. Their QSL arrived in one day (deblauwekoe\at\

Thursday 27 January 2022

eQSL Deutscher Wetterdienst (147.3 kHz)


Deutscher Wetterdienst has verified in 5 days my reception of their longwave service DDH47 (147.3 kHz) in the RTTY mode, with their eQSL. Sent to seeschifffahrt\at\, info\at\



Monday 24 January 2022

eQSL MRCC Klaipeda – 2187.5 kHz


MRCC Klaipeda (aka Klaipeda Rescue Centre) has confirmed in 20 minutes (!) my reception report of their DSC call at the frequency 2187.5 kHz. Via mrcc \at\

Learn about DSC: 

I use my normal reception setup (Degen DE1103) and the YADD software to decode the DSC calls.

eQSL Radio Delmare


Radio Delmare was heard last night in the medium wave band. This beautiful scanned QSL was received today (via delmareradio \at\

Sunday 23 January 2022

eQSL Radio Scotland International


I was listening today to the Radio Scotland Int'l broadcast. The eQSL was received the same evening (radioscotland\at\

Friday 21 January 2022

Log: Radio Kuwait at wrong frequency 15458 kHz

Radio Kuwait broadcasting in English was observed this morning 21/01/2022 between 7 and 8 AM UTC at the wrong frequency 15458 kHz. The attached short video is taken at the end of their broadcast, 7:58...7:59 UTC. The clear ID can be heard at 0:24.

Automated eQSL from the WLC radio (USA)


The WLC radio (WBCQ) is easy to hear these days at 9330 kHz in the evenings. They accept reception reports via their website. Unfortunately, they seem to send their eQSL in an automated way without really checking the details, which is rather disappointing.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

eQSL Ascension Relay Station (BBC)

Atlantic Relay Station (Ascension Island) has verified in 2 days my reception of the BBC World Service on 15400 kHz with the detailed eQSL booklet.
Reception report was sent to: ops.asc\at\


Tuesday 20 December 2016

eQSL Kossuth Radio - Hungary, 540 kHz

KOSSUTH RADIO verified in 40 days my reception on 540 kHz.
Reception report was sent to: kozonsegszolgalat/at/
Reply arrived from: uniFLOW/at/

Friday 29 April 2016

e-QSL Reykjavik Radio TFA, Iceland - DSC 2187.5 kHz

ICELAND (new country!)
Tonight, I was able to receive the DSC call from TFA Reykjavik Radio at 2187.5 kHz. After submitting the reception report to reyrad\at\ , I received this e-QSL just in one hour:

e-QSL FEBC Philippines

FEBC verified in few hours my reception report sent to norie.estabillo\at\

Thursday 28 April 2016

QSL Danish Radio, 243 kHz

Danish Radio verified in 18 days my reception report sent to jens.seeberg/at/
The envelope containing the printed QSL, personal letter and information about the transmitter arrived yesterday.
3 years ago, I received only the e-mail confirmation, but that time I used the different address:
DR is easy to receive here almost everyday.

Thursday 21 April 2016

e-QSL La Voz de Tu Conciencia, Colombia

La Voz de Tu Conciencia was received a couple of days ago at the frequency 6010 kHz. Reception report was sent to rafaelcoldx\at\ (QSL-manager Rafael Rodriguez Tonight, I received this nice e-QSL:
Also, photos of the transmitter and antenna:

e-QSL Florø Radio, Norway, DSC 2187.5 kHz

Florø Radio verified in 45 minutes (!!!) my report sent to

Wednesday 20 April 2016

e-QSL Malin Head Radio, Ireland, 2187.5 kHz

Malin Head Coast Guard Radio confirmed in one hour (!!!) my DSC reception on 2187.5 kHz.
Report was sent to mrscmalin\at\