Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Verification email from Radio Merkurs, Latvia

Radio Merkurs
, 1485 kHz. F/d e-mail verification in 10 days, report sent to RNI@apollo.lv 

Friday, 18 January 2013

Letter from Trenton VOLMET

Trenton Military, 15034 kHz (VOLMET). No data letter received via post in 12 days. Report sent to charles.raine@forces.gc.ca

Thursday, 10 January 2013

QSL Radio Australia (via Singapore)

Radio Australia, 9540 kHz, English broadcast. Report sent to english@ra.abc.net.au, was verified in 123 days

QSL Polskie radio (via Bulgaria)

Polskie radio, 6000 kHz, Russian program. Report sent to ru at polskieradio.pl was verified in 8 days.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

e-QSL from Belorusskoe radio (1st px)

Belorusskoe radio (Belaruskae radye), 279 kHz, verified in 4 days my report sent to radio1@tvr.by by e-QSL-letter

Monday, 7 January 2013

Reply from Danish Radio

DR, 243 kHz. Several minutes ago received a strange reply on my report sent to teknikinfo@dr.dk
No mention, will they send me any QSL or not.
Update: answering my question about paper QSL, he wrote:

Dear Vitaliy,
Your are welcome. I am sorry, but we do not issue paper QSL letters anymore.
Best regards,
Thomas Weber

Friday, 4 January 2013

Night SW and LW logs

Japan: 9595 kHz - Radio Nikkei, *22:12 western pop songs, :30 - news(?) in Japanese. 45433, very unstable signal.
Diego Garcia: 4319usb - AFN, *22:45 music, huge ute noise 22442
Italy: 10000 - Italcable, *23:15 time announcement and different music, 43433 - noise from RWM 9996 kHz and Observatorio Nacional
Myanmar: 7110 - Thazin Radio (presumed), music *23:33 35322
Brazil(?): 5970 - Radio Itatiaia, *05:10 music&OM talk 24322
UnID: 6070 kHz, *23:00 much music and OM English announcements, but no ID (only freq 6070 was announced). 32332. Is Radio 6150 still working there or it's off air now? In that case it's CFRX

LW log (using the same 15m wire as for SW)
153 kHz ROU Antena Satelor 55555 - music
162 kHz F       France Inter *22:48 35433 - nice French songs
171 kHz MRC Medi 1 (same time) 45533 music
177 kHz D       Deutschlandradio Kultur 55444 YL German talk
183 kHz D       Europe 1, YL French talk 45433 (probable drift to 182 kHz)
216 kHz F       Radio Monte Carlo 34433
225 kHz POL  Polskie Radio 1, 55555, OM reading the book?
261 kHz BUL Radio Horizont, 35433
270 kHz CZE Cesky Rozhlas 1, OM talk 55555
279 kHz BLR Belorusskoe radio, Russian pop songs 43533 - some signals from TKM (?)
207 kHz D     Deutschlandfunk, *05:13 UTC news 45444
243 kHz DNK Danish Radio, *04:40 UTC weather, news, music 55444

RTL 234 kHz can be also received but with a weak signal, this station is always weak here. Tonight there was any strong (local?) noise on 252 kHz, but yesterday I receiver there Ireland RTE1. BBC on 198 kHz was good in autumn but now not.