Thursday, 29 December 2011

150 QSLs

Today I received the 150th QSL (from BPM). I do not know how much I have paper QSLs and how much - e-QSLs.
Some more statistics:

In 2011 - 93 QSLs
For 2011 receptions - 71 QSLs
Total - 150 QSLs
65 countries
In 2011 new countries - 35
77 stations
In 2011 new stations - 47

Counting countries, I included the real countries in which pirate stations are based. That's because Netherlands and Norway are verified only by pirates.
Also, counting stations, I thougth, for example, HCJB Chile and HCJB Australia as one station.


  1. Great! I started QSL-ing at the end of October 2011 and I have 32 QSL cards so far, most of them are paper QSL card, but there are some QSL letters and e-QSLs from Brother Stair, RTE Worldwide and of course from some pirate stations. I count the countries, where the transmitters are situated. For example: Ascension (BBC South Atlantic Relay Station), South Africa (RTE Worldwide Africa), Nederland Antiles (Radio Nederland Bonaire), Albania (China Radio International) etc, etc.

    73 from Bulgaria!

    P.S. Here is my blog:, we can exchange links if you want. =))

  2. Happy New Year!
    32 QSLs for several first monthes is really great! I have only 150 QSLs during 1,5 years... No much time for sending reports.

    73s from Ukraine also,
    P.S. I added your link to my list ;)