Thursday, 15 August 2013

eQSL Radio Dechovka

CZECH Republic
RADIO DECHOVKA, the new Czech folk music radio station (1233 kHz, 1 kW with plans of increase to 10 kW soon), verified (in 1 hour!) my report on tonight reception.
E-mail: pusova|at|
 Some info about the station:
The project of Radio Dechovka - the first brass music radio station in the Czech Republic started on July 2009. We mainly play czech folks and brass music and  a little bit of "old Prague" songs, country, czech 60´ and foreign brass music. We have no news, just weather forecast, cultural invitations and special broadcasts such as Songs on Request, Consumer Service, Gardeners and Handymen Corner etc. We want people to come and relax here.

On February 2013, we obtained a licence to nation-wide broadcasting on the medium wave. We launched the first transmitter near Prague (at Líbeznice u Prahy, Unipole antenna, power 1kW) which is gonna be tested by the end of August and then we plan to increase the transmitter power to 10kW (max allowed). We should cover Prague and the region of Central Bohemia. Nowdays we are working on launching of two more transmitters. One in Brno-Řečkovice for the region of South Moravia and one in Dobřejovice (near České Budějovice) to cover the region of South Bohemia. 


  1. Tip for your, verification from Belgium 1125 kHz with nice qsl card tray:
    621 kHz qsl? i don't now.
    Good luck, Ge Huijbens, Belgium

  2. Thank yous for information! But I tried Belgium on 1251 several times and there was only another loud station. Worth trying in winter more
    Best wishes, Vitaliy