Sunday, 2 March 2014

World community must help Ukraine!

Russia started a war against Ukraine. It's very hard situation now, and I believe only the world community can stop this war. We want to live in the independent democratic country! But Putin wants to build a new empire on our land. We will defend our land and will not allow anyone to enslave Ukraine.

Save Ukraine! 


  1. Hi Vitaliy,

    terrible bad news from your country!!!! Be sure, all democratic countries are standing at your side and against any war decision of Mr. Putin and his undemocratic friends there!

    All the best,

  2. Do you really want to live under the US/EU slavery? Do you?

  3. I do not want to live under any occupation. Especially russian one. Understand?

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  5. You are already in occupation. FBI and CIA are doing to you what they want.
    Do you think you will ever help your money the new owners of Washington? Alas - it is not in their rules.