Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Wish you and your family the successfull 2012 year! All the best for you! And, of course, much DX :)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

150 QSLs

Today I received the 150th QSL (from BPM). I do not know how much I have paper QSLs and how much - e-QSLs.
Some more statistics:

In 2011 - 93 QSLs
For 2011 receptions - 71 QSLs
Total - 150 QSLs
65 countries
In 2011 new countries - 35
77 stations
In 2011 new stations - 47

Counting countries, I included the real countries in which pirate stations are based. That's because Netherlands and Norway are verified only by pirates.
Also, counting stations, I thougth, for example, HCJB Chile and HCJB Australia as one station.


BPM, time signal station, verified in 37 days my report on 10 MHz px, sent to, and

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

EMR - Radio Saxonia - Radio Gloria this Christmas day

  EMR - Radio Saxonia - Radio Gloria this Christmas day

 Happy Christmas to all our Listeners from European Music Radio !

Dear Listeners,
MV Baltic Radio relay service is on the air this Sunday the 25th of December 2011

MVBR Schedule via 9480 KHz:
08.00 to 09.00 UTC  on  9480 KHz  -  EMR  (repeat from last Sunday)
09.00 to 10.00 UTC  on  9480 KHz  -  Radio Saxonia -
10.00 to 11.00 UTC  on  9480 KHz  -  Radio Gloria
The last transmission from MVBR on 6140 KHz
10.00 to 11.00 UTC  on  6140 KHz  -  Radio Gloria    -

EMR Programmes via 9480 and 6140 KHz:  
08.00 to 08.20 Tom Taylor programme
09.20 to 09.00 Mike Taylor programme

EMR Internet repeats on Sunday and Monday
Programme repeats are at the following times:
08.00, 1400, 18:00,  21:00 utc

Please visit and click on the “EMR internet radio” button
which you will find throughout the website (see the menu on the left).

Please send all EMR reception reports to: 

Good Listening   73s Tom

Greetings from different radio stations

Radio Nacional de Espana

Para ver la animación de la tarjeta
pulsa sobre la imagen
Radio Gloria International

Monday, 19 December 2011


WWV, time signal station from US, verified in 119 days my report on 10 MHz, sent to

Deutsche Well Season's greetings

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2011 was a very moving and emotional year. We were happy to be able to share some of it with you – online or with our television and radio programming. And we want to use this opportunity to thank you for putting your trust in Deutsche Welle over the last 12 months. It was our pleasure to provide you with information on Germany and Europe.

We wish you all the best for 2012, from all of us here at DW.
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In 2012, we will be introducing a new framework for information with even more of the reliable, independent news and information that we are known for: A new design, a new website and a range of new programs. Changes are on the way – we will keep you informed!
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Mustang Radio season's greetings

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Logs on 18 Dec 2011

9480 - *08:58 Atlantic 2000, ID and some info in French and c/d, *09:00 Radio Saxonia with IDs in German and (?) English. SINPO 45343, but at ~08:30 signal was much better 55444
6045 - XVRB Radio?, good music *0936 SINPO 55444
6095 - KBC, *0935 45444
6140 - EMR, *1035 music, SINPO 45343
11985 - Radio Taiwan Int., *11:05 Russian px, YL news, SINPO 35443

Saturday, 17 December 2011

QSL WYFR (via Ascension)

WYFR (FAMILY RADIO) replied in over 130 days for July report. Received QSL, schedules and some other papers. Report sent to

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

QSL Eternal Good News (via PLW)

ETERNAL GOOD NEWS had verified in 12 days my report on 9930 kHz (via T8WH). Also received schedule of their broadcasts. E-mails are: and

Monday, 5 December 2011

QSL MIKES (Finland)

MIKES (time signal station, 25000 kHz) verified my report in 24 days with QSL-letter.
Report sent to
Much thaks for for any info!!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Logs on 03-04 December 2011

!!!This log is in non-traditional format due to technical reasons!!!
03 Dec
21490 - PIR Baltic Sea Radio?, *13:20 booming signal 55544
7200 - SDN? R.Omdurman? 21:57 music, 2159 c/d. 
6400 - KRE Pyongyang BC(?) *2217 OM and YL news? 34232
6165 - TCD RT Chad, *22:19 African dance music, earlier French talks, 45333
6115 - CHN CRI and Voice of Strait on freq, *2221 CRI S=5, VOS S=3
6160 - KOR Radio Canad Int. *2224 Chinese px, 34333
6135 - CYP Radio Cyprus, *2225 Greel YL+OM song 55555
6090 - NIG? bad signal due to problems with tx, seems to be Nigeria Kaduna, 43442
6085 - J Radio Japan *2207 song 35333
9505/6055 - J Radio Nikkei, 2 parallel freqs, very bad signal on both due to noise from other stations, 22322
5810 - PHL Voice of America *2210 English OM news, S=2
5770 - UnID TIME SIGNAL station (!) statndard pips every second, every 10 secs changing format of pip
04 Dec
7190 - CLN? SLBC, *0134 song, 35443
4840 - USA WWCR, *0211 OM English prietcher 35543
6890 - USA WYFR, *0223 OM telling, 35343
9675 - B Radio Cancao Nova (?) music 33333
5025 - CUB Radio Rebelde, *0234 songs, later OM Spanish told smth, 33333
9480 - D Radio Gloria Int, later MVBR, signal 55433
21880 - PIR Free Radio Victoria, music, *11:45 45444
6305 - PIR Witte Reus, before 1600 music, S=3
6375 - PIR Unpredictable Radio, after *16:00 Scorpions and other mx, 3...4

Very bad propagation from America at night

Last several nights there was very bad propagation from America. The loudest station heard was 6090 Caribbean Beacon, on 9 and 11 MHz signals were very bad. Audible are 9675 Cancao Nova, 11710 RAE and several others. The surprise for me was 4840 WWCR with a nice signal. Hope propagation would be better later...
Interesting that in daytime propagation from America is very good on HF (like 21600 WHRI, 15825 WWCR and others).

Tonight logs will be posted a bit later! Many interesting stations from Asia and not only received.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Again about MVBR, RGI and EMR in 2012

So, yesterday I published such info on my blog:
Due to Technical reasons the last transmission from MVBR on 6140 KHz will be on
the 25th of December 2011.  MVBR on 9480 KHz will continue in 2012 as normal.

Today I asked in dxld yahoo groop is anybody knows any more info on this matter.
Mike Terry replied:
Tom has replied to me as follows:
 "Yes, MVBR and EMR via 1 KW. Radio Gloria via 1KW and Radio
700 on 6005 khz. There maybe extra low power relays added in 2012."

A PS from Tom:
"EMR will Transmit every 3rd Sunday in 2012 on 9480, with a
repeat on the 4th Sunday. We may do 2 hour programmes from time to

So you can see that these stations again become DX for non-Europeans (here I receive 1kW 9480 well).

Friday, 2 December 2011

Logs on 2 December 2011

15285 - Atmik Yatra Radio (Gospel for Asia), *1300 ID "Athmik Yatra", Nepali px announced. 55555
9525 - Voice of Indonesia, *1902 YL IDs in English, announcing freqs (9525 and 11785(?)), website. Then news. 35333
17560 - VO Tibet, *1400 opening of px, weak S=2
810 - Radio Skopje, *2114 YL mentioning Makedonia, YL&OM talk in Makedonian lang (I can understand many words), 55444
17630 - China Radio Int., today with good signal. *1628 music, then ID, OM+YL talk, 45433
13148USB - 3AC Monaco Radio, *1019 anthem, then OM told smth, YL, *1023 anthem, 1025 c/d. 35433
11795 - Radio Okapi, *1600 IDs, news in Lingala lang (?) OM+YL, 45333
15825 - WWCR, *12:15 ID "World Wide Christian Radio, WWCR", 45444
7280 - VO Vietnam, *1630 Russian px, ID, YL news, 34433

MV Baltic Radio / R Gloria this Weekend

Dear Listeners,
MV Baltic Radio is on the air this Sunday the 4th of December 2011

MVBR Schedule: 
0900 to 1000 UTC on 9480 KHz,    1 KW  Repeat of Radio Gloria ( From last month ) 
1000 to 1100 UTC on 9480 KHz,    1 KW  MV Baltic Radio  
1300 to 1400 UTC on 9480 KHz,    1 KW  MV Baltic Radio ( Repeat from 1000 utc )

Good Listening   73s Tom

Due to Technical reasons the last transmission from MVBR on 6140 KHz will be on
the 25th of December 2011.  MVBR on 9480 KHz will continue in 2012 as normal.