Monday, 6 October 2014

eQSL from OXJ Torshavn Radio, Faroe islands

FAROE ISLANDS (new country!)
TORSHAVN RADIO verified in 1 day my report on DSC reception (2187.5 kHz) by f/d scanned QSL. Report sent to Telegramm|at|

eQSL CROSS Lagarde, DSC reception

CROSS LaGarde, 2187.5 kHz, DSC reception.
No frequency eQSL sent in 2 days after sending report to

eQSLs Radio Armada, Little Feat Radio

Radio Armada, 1672 kHz; report sent to radioarmada||; reply in 1 day
Little Feat Radio, 6323 kHz; report sent to littlefeatam||; reply in 3 days.

Friday, 3 October 2014

QSL Radio Good Ship Venus

Radio GSV (Good Ship Venus) verified in several minutes my report sent to