Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The most interesting observations on 29th-31st January 2011


ISRAEL - 6973 Galei Zahal 2200-2205 YL and then OM telling news SINPO 45444
This stn is very often heard very well by me (but only 5 kWt!).

ALGERIA - 6297 Voice of Republic Arabic Sahara Democratic 2300-2330 OM telling news and other info, also much music SINPO 34343
This stn is very often heard good by me (but only 20 kWt!).


PIRATE STATION (HOLLAND) 15052 Radio Scotland (my first pirate!) 804-829 music SINPO 34322
That was a special broadcast for Japanese DXers

PIRATE STATION (SCANDINAVIA) 15009 Old Time Radio 855-900 music SINPO 23211 (practically no signal)

ZAMBIA 9505 CVC OneAfrica 2000-2030 Talks about God&many songs SINPO 44454


ANGUILLA 6090 The Caribbean Beacon/University Network YL talking 0230-0235 SINPO 35343
This stn is very often heard good by me.

DJIBOUTI 4780 RT Djibouti Arabic song, then YM talking on Arabic lang. SINPO 25252

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