Saturday, 22 December 2012

Photos of MW and SW antennas in Taranivka

The Taranivka transmitter site is located near Kharkiv (~40 km from it).
Today I found the blog of a person who visited tx site this summer and (!) climbed up the MW antenna (it works on 837 kHz transmitting the 1st program of Ukrainian Radio). I think it was dangerous and enough stupid to climb the antenna which transmitted 150 kilowattes at that moment, hope boys did not have any problems later. Anyway, some photos are really interesting.
The link to that page:
At photos 14 and 17 you can see the SW antennas which broadcasted RUI external service:

At photo 15 you can see (as far as I remember) the transmitter building.

And the most nice photo 21 I will even load here.
And the last - Wikimapia link to this place

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