Tuesday, 25 October 2011

QSLs from RFA (via Mongolia), also RRI

RADIO FREE ASIA had verified in 14 days my report on Korean px sent to qsl@rfa.org



  1. What dou you include in your reception reports? I include date, time, frequency, band, radio station, language and some program info (if I understand the language), but I received only two QSL cards for three weeks.

  2. Hello Georgi,
    In reports I include: Date, time, freq, SINPO code, language, details of program, technical comments, name of my receiver and info about antenna. In the end of report I ask for QSL.

    I had received my first QSL in a month after sending first report. And now I had not many cards - 7-15 per month. That's because I send not many reports, and receive answer only for 70% of them.
    That's a problem of DXing - you have to wait :)

  3. Thanks. A month after I sent my first reception report, I have received 5 QSL cards, one eQSL by e-mail and four by mail: Overcomer Ministry, Radio Prague, Radio Taiwan International, Trans World Radio and Bible Voice Broadcasting. And I'm waiting for more. =)) And it's better to wait, but then you'll be very glad to receive a letter from the other side of the world. :)