Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cancao Nova on air again!

Albert Muick wrote in dxld:
Radio Cancao Nova, 9675, Cachoeira Paulista Brasil, is coming in here 
at 0002 UTC on 01 October with a good level and reasonably QRM-free! 
S3-4 with QRM from adjacents 9665 and 9685. Light music and talk with
typical booming IDs.

Al Muick
Whitehall, PA USA
WinRadio G303e / 100m longwire

Tonight I'd also received Cancao Nova on 9675 at 00:27 UTC, but with bad signal - 25442. All stations from America were bad audible tonight, except 6090 Caribbean Beacon. Even Brasil Central had very weak signal.
More logs later...

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