Saturday, 29 October 2011


Maybe, all of you know that tomorrow (30.10) the B-11 season starts. 
You can find the Aoki B-11 xlsx file here:
Info there isn't fully new, there are many A-11 schedules and also there are many mistakes. For example, they deleted ITU "ATN" and all broadcasts from Bonaire wrote under ITU "HOL". Also there is schedule of new station from Madagascar (built by KNLS), but this station is to open in Feb-Mar 2012. So, be careful using this schedule!

Reminder: do not forget to push your clock an hour earlier (if your country has summer/winter times).

Some bad news: today there were last broadcasts from tx sites Sines (POR), Trincomalee (CLN), Rampisham (G) and Mon Agel (MCO). (info from Alexander Diadischev from open-dx yg)
I hope in B-11 wouldn't be so many closures of radio stations and transmitter sites...

So, I wish you a good season, lot of DX and lot of QSLs!

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